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You might find out about the goal of this game reading the 'readme.txt' file included in the application, but if you really want to enjoy it, just play, play, play until your fingers ache and you enter the hall of fame. Bloobs is an easy game to play, but hitting high scores may become a hero quest.

You can Download the shareware version of the game with 1 difficult level, sound effects and MIDI music, 10 different backgrounds. And all of this with the ridiculous price of 0$. Cool huh?.
This program is ShareWare (this means FREE to play the first level forever, but it costs $15 if you want it with all the features available), but I only ask you one thing: Please, send me an e-mail to let me know that my effort was worthy enough and there are people playing with it ?8( One more thing. If your scores are high enough, send them to me and they will be included in the Hall of Fame (HighScore Tables section).

NEW BLOOBS 3.5 version
  • Download (Trial version!!)
  • New features
  • Fullscreen mode (press F12 to toglle between fullscreen and window modes).
  • Upload your records to the game web site
  • Change Themes: design your own skins including backgrounds, board designs, sound effects, music, etc.. and share them with other Bloobs players
  • Bigger board
  • New and beatiful desgins... thanks YanYan
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VERSION 3.5 new features
  • Same features than version 2.09 plus:
  • New features
  • 1-Screen matches. Registered players can play 1-screen matches too.
  • 4 highscore tables. Now the game saves 4 different highscore tables (one for each difficulty level)
  • Game Stats: Number of bloobs used in the score. Now the game saves the number of pieces used during the match
  • 2 new scoreboards added. Now you can see 2 new scoreboards during the game: the current screen are you playing (for continuous matches) and bloobs pieces used while playing (remember that the less pieces used your score will be higher). Bugs Fixed:
  • Now the game properly saves music and game level settings
  • Speed increased. Now all pieces fly faster than before..