Windows 7/Vista/8/10 PC version:
A full screen mode
now, pressing F12 key you will toggle between Window mode and Full screen mode.
Upload your scores to the web
now you can upload your score directly from the game menu to
4 game modes
1 single screen for casual players with easy and hard difficult levels, and a continuous mode for players who want to play as many consecutive screens as they can clean (also with easy and hard
Totally customizable ARTWork (skins)
you can design your own graphics, sounds, music, pieces, explosions, etc... for the game. Now, it is possible to add new skins to design the game as you want. It is also possible to uplo ad your designs to the game web site to be shared with the rest of the community of Bloobs players. To see how to change all the game artwork look for this instructions:
TUTORIAL: Do your own SKINS!!
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